Specialised Neuro Physiotherapist

Research and evidence shows that neurological physiotherapy facilitates the re-learning of movements and sensation. The ultimate aim of Neuro Physiotherapy is to support the person in re-gaining  their function and to build on their independence.

We aim to promote our client’s health and wellbeing; to assist the rehabilitation process by developing and restoring the body to it’s full potential.

We have spent most of our career specialising and developing our skills by attending professional courses in the treatment and management of adults with neurological conditions.

We have an in depth knowledge of neurological conditions and an understanding of how these conditions affect the individual’s ability to move independently.

Why use Neuro Physio Pro to provide neurological rehabilitation?

We believe that our role is to equip clients with the skills needed to become as independent as possible in their every day life, ultimately independent of and not dependent upon, the help we provide.

We aim to provide relevant, timely, goal orientated rehabilitation programmes to clients in their own homes and communities. Our collaborative approach with the client at the centre involves working with other professionals, family members and carers to ensure rehabilitation is focused on making practical improvements.

Our aim is to empower clients and their families to become as independent as possible, through result driven physiotherapy delivered by expert therapists.

Using us allows rapid access to expert physiotherapy rehabilitation services avoiding long NHS waiting lists.

We have access to an expert rehabilitation multi disciplinary team  and will select the best therapist based on location and clinical need.
Our packages of care are provided into client’s own homes meaning that advice is realistic based on the environment and resources available.

We provide an all inclusive cost to ensure that our services are fully transparent from the start.