Specialised Neuro Physiotherapist

At your first appointment we will discuss your condition, your current problems, what physical difficulties you are experiencing and what you aim to get from physiotherapy.

The physiotherapist will then assess your range of movement techniques and collate further information through screening and a discussion with you. Following this, we will form a plan of input and recommendations in order for you to achieve your goals.

At Neuro Physio Pro, we may also suggest exercises that encourage any deficits in normal movement. This is dependent on the specific difficulties and may include:

Core stability exercises to improve control in the trunk which will allow beer activity in your affected arm and leg,ths will improve effeciency

Balance exercises to improve stability when sitting, standing or walking

Strengthening exercises to improve the power in particular muscles used for day to day tasks

Stretching exercises to improve the alignment of muscles and limbs so that they can move in a more normal way

We use video recordings, or written scripts to record guide your exercises to ensure you do them correctly to maximise benefits

We will guide and support you with your home exercise programme, to make it as beneficial as possible.

We can also advise carers and family members through joint sessions, on how best to carry over the exercises and facilitate normal movement